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ANOUKI atelier started its operations in October 2013, with just 2 seamstresses and 1 patern cutter. First, it was a lots of experimenting, testing and stressing, but the growth was rapid. With ANOUKI’s sucess on both local and international levels, atelier has grown quickly. We are proud to have some of the best hands in the country, working for us since the beginning.

Our atelier is like a family, every other new member joined us with the recommendation of another. Every single day is a learning of somthing new, both in production techniques or human relations. We kind of feel that each garment has its soul, given from the people who made it, since here, we let our seamstresses work on those items that they can create better – there’s someone who mostly loves doing blazers, others love dresses, someone is a silk fabric master, etc.

Currently, we employee around 70 people in two different locations, with few of them working on new collection developments – with the mix of traditional (sometimes even couture-level) and modern techniques.