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ANOUKI debut runway show in Tbilisi.

Designer Anouki Areshidze decided to go bit dark but with colorful touches and warm vibes. Whole collection has the mood from the end of 60’s, this is a mood of elegant, powerful woman who is classy, loves bold colors and feminine silhouette. We made clothes that are appropriate for both, young ladies and mature women.

For designer, this collection shows her very personal and emotional offering, showcases her emotions and feelings of the moment and her view of woman for next season. Every single look is representation of ANOUKI women, they are different, wear different color and silhouette but the elegance is what relates them to each other. Fur is the important touch, one of the major details of a fall/winter season, colorful fur on more dark clothes creates a perfect mix, more eye-catching look.

Fabrics used in this collection is another interesting detail. We mixed some traditional and new fabrics, some of them have unique textures created especially for us in Florence. Wool mixed with tricotine, some boucle and non-traditional kind of velvet created interesting mix. One of the most exceptional fabrics, the mix of satin and jersey used in some of the tops and skirts, make these particular looks stay classy, yet new and fresh. We are offering looks which express your style and what’s important for fall – keep warm, all of the fabrics are appropriate wearing in a cold weather.

As the looks are strong and bold, shoes had to be appropriate and they have their own major role here, there’re high leather boots that can be worn as a part of daily look and more luxe shoes, with fur details.  We keep make-up and hair minimalistic, adding some color, to get the full, finished look of next season’s woman.

Revisiting of women’s strength, being bold and fabulous, express woman with strong attitude and great sense of style – that’s what team ANOUKI offers for next season.