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RESORT 2018 

JUNE 13, 2017, TBILISI

Model: Luna

Photographer: Grigor Devejiev



While shooting previous season’s lookbook, past February, with our frequent collaborator, photographer Grigor Devejiev,  we had old tracks of Madonna & George Michael playing, to set “a very fashionable” mood in the studio. In the middle of the shoot, something Russian has popped in, it all was very captivating, then something happened to the player and it re-played this same song like 10 times, but no one thought about fixing or turning it off. Few days later, in our atelier, when we were celebrating a finish of our latest collection before our debut Milan Fashion Week presentation, we had a little bit of champagne and as usual after few drops, music comes in – one of our girls put her latest favorites playlist, and after a few Whitneys, Mariah & The Weeknd, we’ve heard that song from the studio. Then we’ve seen a video and I’m sure all of us, whole ANOUKI staff have downloaded the song into their iPhones the same night.  The song was named “Sad Dance”, performed by Luna.

LUNA – a name that already intrigues and grabs the attention before you even hear any music. Translated as a “Moon” from Russian, Ukrainian musical artist Kristina Bardash is a girl behind Post-Soviet countries music revolution.

That same time, designer Anouki Areshidze started working on Resort 2018 collection, she was discussing her latest inspiration for upcoming season with the team, which was a Moon – a coincidence much? Rest of our team were already over-obsessed on Luna’s playlist, but that time Anouki was abroad and never heard any of the Luna’s tracks, so after she talked with us about her inspiration, we played “Sad Dance” for her. She loved the song very much, besides, it was her visual and style that grabbed Anouki’s attention immediately. Luna usually channels 90’s era, a spirit of freedom, her overall look is modern and very appropriate for the current mood, happening in fashion. On her concert posters, she wears an Adidas tracksuit, while other day you can see her dressed in oversized masculine-shaped jacket – but she rocks them all, and always maintains an ultimate femininity.

ANOUKI is a brand of the contrasts, we combine unexpected materials & constructions, but always keep the feminine vibe through the entire collections. So, who could really help us express our latest collection vision inspired by the ultimate feminine symbol, Moon, than woman, called, Moon, literally! Anouki hought that it could be interesting to see Luna wearing complete opposite outfits than she does in her everyday life.

Resort 2018 collection is a continuation of the designer Anouki Areshidze’s vision of femininity. This time, she was inspired by the ultimate feminine symbol – Moon, the middle ground between the light of the sun and the darkness of night. ANOUKI woman is like a moon, every day she is a different version of herself, but always keeps her inner youth element, like a Crescent moon. Moonlight usually drowns out all but the brightest stars – a magical touch brought by starlight in the collection, make ANOUKI woman sparkle and shine in the galaxy.